Postpartum gluten-free diets

$30.00 USD excl tax

Presented by: Sally Marchini, APD

About Sally:

Sally is an Accredited Practising Dietitian based in New South Wales, Australia and the founder of Marchini Nutrition. She combines professional qualifications with personal experience of type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease to give her a unique insight into the issues faced by people living with chronic and complex health conditions.

About the webinar: 

Proper nutrition during the pre and postnatal phases is vital to both mother and baby. Following a gluten-free diet during this period comes with some important nutritional considerations.

In this webinar, Sally discusses how your postpartum clients can ensure they are meeting their nutritional requirements when following a gluten free diet. The webinar also features some Q&A discussion time.

As part of your purchase you will receive a ‘Postpartum Gluten-Free Diets’ webinar workbook that will test your knowledge and help you consolidate your learnings.