Anti-inflammatory foods – are they the key to optimal fertility?

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Presented by: Sonia Malczyk, RD

About Sonia:

Sonia is a Canadian Registered Dietitian based in South Africa and is the founder of Stir Health private practice based in Cape Town. She completed her master’s degree in nutrition through the University of Cape Town with her research focused on the inflammatory potential of the diet. Her expertise lies in supporting women and couples to prepare for conception and provide nutritional support throughout pregnancy.

In addition, for the past few years, Sonia has both managed and consulted on various research projects in the early life nutrition space and been the co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific articles.

About the webinar: 

Growing evidence continues to highlight the adverse effects of chronic inflammation on fertility. Therefore, it is believed that dietary interventions which act to reduce inflammation, such as an anti-inflammatory diet, may improve fertility outcomes. But is it as easy as it sounds?

In this webinar, Sonia discusses the current research surrounding anti-inflammatory foods for fertility and provides an updated recommendation.

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