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Upcoming FREE Online Workshop

How You Can Transform the Health of the Next Generation with Prenatal Dietetics

Hosted by Melanie McGrice (APD)
For US participants- EARN 2 CEU’s

EDT (United States): 31st July 2024 @ 7pm
AEST (Australia) : 1st August 2024 @ 9am 

This is a FREE 2 hour workshop which will help you deep dive into the critical role of prenatal nutrition in shaping lifelong health outcomes for both mother and child. 

You will learn: 

  • How your dietetic skills can impact lives for decades to come 
  • How nutrition impacts foetal development and long-term health outcomes 
  • The latest scientific research and trends in prenatal nutrition that every dietitian should know  
  • How dietitians can establish themselves as leading experts in prenatal nutrition  
  • Real-life success stories and tips from experienced prenatal nutrition experts  

Upcoming Webinar

Inositols in PCOS Management

Hosted by Melanie McGrice (APD)
Presented by Lora Attia, APD

AEST: 5th September 2024 @ 10am 
EDT: 4th September 2024 @ 8pm
PDT: 4th September 2024 @ 5pm

Join us for an enlightening webinar, hosted by renowned PCOS Dietitian, Lora Attia, who will delve into the role of inositols in managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Gain insights into how this multifaceted compound can aid in symptom control and pave the way for successful pregnancies in patients with PCOS.  

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