The role of probiotics for fertility

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Presented by: Nick Nation, APD

About Nick:

Nick is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 10 years experience. His specialist areas include gut health and women’s health (predominantly IBS, fertility, PCOS, endometriosis & weight management).

Nick is also a highly skilled nutrition speaker who is regularly invited to speak on a variety of nutrition topics for organisations and media outlets. Furthermore, Nick is the founder and director of the Nutrition Nation private practice.

About the webinar: 

Emerging research suggests that there may be a link between gut health and fertility. With probiotics, either from food sources or supplements, often recommended as the means of improving or maintaining gut health, could they play a role in optimising your clients fertility?

In this webinar, Nick explores the current research surrounding the role of probiotics for fertility in order to provide an update on recommendations.

As part of your purchase, you will receive a ‘The Role of Probiotics for Fertility’ webinar workbook that will test your knowledge and help you consolidate your learnings.