Nutrition for chronic pelvic pain

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Presented by: Claire Pettitt, RD

About Claire:

Claire is a UK & Singapore Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with 13 years’ experience in clinical practice and nutrition research. Claire is the founder and director of the private practice CP Nutrition.

About the webinar: 

Chronic pelvic pain can be a very debilitating condition that may affect the social, personal and work life of many women. In addition, it may be associated with infertility. Recent research has allowed us to better understand how nutrition can can decrease pain and ultimately help combat some symptoms of chronic pelvic pain.

In this webinar, Claire explores the current research surrounding nutrition for chronic pelvic pain in order to provide an updated recommendation.

As part of your purchase, you will receive a ‘Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain’ webinar workbook that will test your knowledge and help you consolidate your learnings.