Eating for endometriosis

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Presented by: Rachel Jeffery, APD

About Rachel:

Rachel is an Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Geelong, Australia with over 25 years experience. While Rachel has a wealth of nutritional knowledge in several areas, her speciality lies within women’s health, IBS and endometriosis.

About the webinar: 

More than 10% of Australian women suffer with endometriosis at some point in their life. Furthermore, about one-third of women with endometriosis have trouble with fertility and struggle to get pregnant. The cause of endometriosis is unknown, and there is currently no cure.

However, research suggests that certain foods and dietary strategies may help manage or reduce endometriosis symptoms and improve fertility.

In this webinar, Rachel explores the current research surrounding endometriosis and diet and provides an updated recommendation.

As part of your purchase, you will receive a ‘Eating for Endometriosis’ webinar workbook that will test your knowledge and help you consolidate your learnings.