Managing Thyroid Conditions During Pregnancy

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Presented by: A. Prof. Helen Barrett

About A. Prof. Helen Barrett:

A/Prof Helen Barrett is an Endocrinologist and Obstetric Medicine Physician. She is Director of Obstetric Medicine at The Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick (RHW) and a Senior Staff Specialist in Obstetric Medicine and Endocrinology at RHW and Prince of Wales Hospital. She is a conjoint Associate Professor at UNSW Medicine and the immediate Past President of the Society of Obstetric Medicine Australia New Zealand.

Helen is a clinician researcher and completed her PhD examining the role of lipids in diabetes in pregnancy in 2014 at the University of Queensland.  Helen has a particular research interest in maternal and placental metabolism in high-risk pregnancy, relating to diabetes and pre-eclampsia and has more than 80 publications, including being an author on National Clinical Guidelines.

About the webinar: 

A/Prof Barrett, an esteemed Endocrinologist and Obstetric Physician, will delve into the complexities of managing thyroid disorders in pregnant individuals. From understanding the impact of thyroid function on maternal and fetal health to navigating treatment options, this webinar promises to offer valuable insights for healthcare professionals.

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Published in 2024