Coeliac Disease And Fertility – 4 Steps To A Healthy Bub

It is quite amazing how we don’t know how many cases of undiagnosed coeliac disease there are in pregnant women, when research tells us that those with undiagnosed coeliac disease have an 8.9-fold risk of multiple abortions and low birth weight babies compared with those whose coeliac disease is diagnosed and treated. (Ciacci, 1996). (Zugna, 2010). Women with undiagnosed coeliac disease have decreased fertility.
The good news is that once coeliac disease has been diagnosed and a strict gluten free diet is being followed, allowing your body to heal and regain nutrient absorption, the evidence tells us that there is no increase in fertility risk related to having coeliac disease (Zugna, 2010).
In my practice as a dietitian who has coeliac disease myself, I’ve worked with many women who fit these statistics and it’s so wonderful to help them improve their health to the point where they achieve the healthy baby they’ve been longing for.
So, if you’re feeling that you’re struggling to fall pregnant and you have coeliac disease it’s a good idea to consider these 4 important factors:

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